Monday, March 24, 2014

10 reasons I haven't blogged lately...

...and why I've abandoned you poor people who love Baby-D and look for his smiling face on new posts :

1. Dominic is now a professional "de-cannulator" (a.k.a. trach-puller-outer).  His trach seems to be coming out more and more often lately.  The other day in the car he was on the vent and I noticed his trach looked sideways.  Sure enough, it was out and the vent didn't alarm (never does- grrr).  Emergency road-side trach change, laughing hysterically afterwards to relieve our nerves (not funny-ha-ha, but funny-can't-believe-this-is-our-life), and a beer afterwards to celebrate his breathing.

2. Dominic doesn't sleep.  At night anyway.  He has no regulation in his sleep/wake cycle so he will sleep all day then wake up at night.  Of course I have to hold him til' I can't stay awake any longer so he remembers who his momma is, not the sweet African woman he chills out with all night (errr, that would be his nurse- not a random African woman.  In case that needed clarification.).

3.  We've moved!  God always provides, and this time he provided a new pad for Baby D that has it's own therapy room.  It is great, all his equipment in one room, all the home school stuff in another.  No co-mingling of therapists talk/school talk.  Perfect.  I'm trying to figure out how to hang a therapy swing in there... because if I can't work as a PT for now, at least I can have a PT gym in my house.  :)

4.  I worked out.  Once.  But I was way too tired that night to write.

5.  My kids have too much stuff.  I seriously thought I would be unpacked in one day.  Seriously.  Well, 14 is almost the same as 1, right?

6.  Dominic has too many appointments.  True, the doctors visits have slowed... and true they are all during the day... but I'm fishing for reasons here.

7.  I'm lazy.  There, now the world knows.

8.  I like to read.  I have a small window at night to choose one activity only (prior to passing out): reading, talking to Mike, writing a blog, preparing for the next school day.  Reading normally wins.

9.  There's been no big news.  Well, except all the close death-calls.  But hey, that's old hat by now, right?

10.  We got a new neurologist.  That technically doesn't count as a reason why I haven't blogged but I have been bummed to loose our old one.  He was after all, my favorite Doc.  Remember, the big, goofy walking medical school?  I love him.  Our new one is good too... but he has big shoes to fill.  Literally.

So there, 10 excuses for you.  Forgive me.  Even if I don't have anything to say, I'll try to post pictures anyway.  That's what you really want anyway, right?

Sleepily yours,

Anthony received his First Holy Communion last month!
Afterwards, to celebrate, we brought the whole family to a ranch, thanks to some very good.generous people.  There was a little house we stayed in with electricity so Dominic could go.  A  family retreat- it was the best gift!
Mike watching the other kids play while Dominic talked in his cute trach-baby way
Chillaxin'.  He says he could get used to this!