Monday, September 30, 2013

Dominic's Vocation Video

Hello faithful Dominic fans.  I have purposefully not posted anything in quite some time in honor of Saint Dominic Kouba whom my last post was written in tribute to.  I wanted him to have the top post for as long as possible and I was planning all along to wait until our Dominic's video was released.

What's that?  You didn't know he was a movie star?  Well, now you know.  Mike and I were asked to do an interview about Dominic's life to be shown at the pro-life banquet for the Diocese of Fort Worth.  We were invited to attend and his video was shown to over 700 people.  It was humbling, embarrassing, surreal, crazy and overwhelming.  We are so used to little baby D, his story and his life that we have moved past the hard emotions into everyday reality.  We don't see him as sick or different.  He's just Dominic.  It's normal now.  I realized though at the banquet what a strong impact he has on people when I looked around after the video to see people crying, grown men with tears on the cheeks, tough, weathered, aged men grabbing my arm choking back tears. I was especially moved by one particular priest who looked at me deeply and said thank you.  Dominic had preached in his silent, perfect way about the dignity of every human life... even lives like his and the people heard.

After the event was over a line formed of people waiting to see Dominic, to touch him, to talk to him.  One woman asked if she could touch his feet so I took his shoe and sock off and she savored the perfectness of his little foot, overly skinny from un-use, beginning to deform from his condition.  People were just drawn to him and we were reminded of his high calling, his vocation... which is to love.

Here is the video that was shown at the banquet.  It is 7 1/2 minutes long and there is an even longer one (the full length video) that hopefully we can post soon.  Please share it with as many people as you can- let's all help Dominic fulfill his calling, to proclaim the goodness of our Lord, through showing everyone who will listen his goodness and innate dignity.

In and for Them,

Friday, September 6, 2013

A few clarifications about Saint Dominic Kouba

When I began the post about our newest Saint Dominic the date was September 5th, but when I finished it was well past midnight thus the date stamp on the blog reads September 6th.  There is a very important connection that must be made regarding the date he actually departed this world.  Saint Dominic Kouba joined the rest of the heavenly company on the morning of September 5th, 2013, the feast day of Blessed Teresa of Calcutta (Mother Teresa), to whom Dominic's mother has a devotion.  What kindness and mercy our Lord showed to Dominic's family to bring him home to himself on such an important date for the Kouba family!  Surely he was with Blessed Mother Teresa yesterday as they both celebrated their feast day!

Also, I have had several people assume this Dominic is our Dominic.  This is not our Dominic, but rather one of his most treasured friends.  They shared the same name and the same blessed simplicity and goodness however.  Saint Dominic Kouba has received his reward while our Dominic is still waiting in his most beautiful disobedient body here on earth with us.

Saint Dominic Kouba, pray for us!
Saint Dominic Kouba and our little saint Dominic

Heaven's Newest Saint- Saint Dominic Kouba

 Heaven glories in it's newest Saint while we still on earth mourn the loss of one of God's choosen  children.  Little baby Dominic Kouba has gained his reward for a life well lived- eternal life- yesterday morning.  With the permission of his parents I am sharing the information for his rosary and mass (see below) so that all who loved him, whether you met him or not, may come to celebrate and honor his life.  I add the following words on my own accord in hopes that they may provide some sense of comfort, not only to myself, but to all who love this perfect child.  It is my hope the following thoughts will be well received by our newest Saint's family...

When I spoke with Dominic's mother this evening I had the privilege of uniting in her suffering for loosing this precious gift of God.  As a mother with a child who could join Saint Dominic Kouba at any moment, I was flooded with the hot anguish of a life cut short.  But in that flash of deepest grief and sorrow, a light joy radiated in my heart.  A joy that once experienced can never be mistaken as coming from anyone but God himself.  Dominic has left his earthly mother for now, but is enjoying his Immaculate Heavenly Mother while he awaits the blessed reunion they will no doubt experience.  This life seems so long, especially amidst suffering, but really it is only a blink of an eye and we will again enjoy the precious gifts we have been entrusted with here on Earth.

Immediately after we hung up the phone the sorrow began to well up and run down my cheeks.  I could hear the world say such things as "why would God do this- why didn't he let him live?"  But I say it is in precisely times such as these that we are confirmed in our knowledge that our God is a good, just, and sovern God.  He gives us gifts without measure and sanctifies us so that we might enjoy eternity with Him.  It is in the purest gifts, such as Dominic Kouba, that God allows his mercy and love to overflow upon us.  It is in the eyes of a child such as he that we can marvel at the unquenchable desire our Lord has for us.  The very fact that we can hold perfection in our arms while awaiting our reward of being in the presence of Everlasting Perfection in Heaven confirms God's boundless love for us.  A child is not something to be grasped at, to be demanded when we want and for how long we want.  A child, every child, especially special children like our Saint Dominic Kouba, is the most generous gift we could ever hope to receive.  We accept these children on God's time and likewise we let go of them on His time.  It is in the earthly suffering He allows that we are thrown into the blessed crucible of His love to be purified.  It is only in His goodness that he allows His dearest one's to share in a special, intimate way in His cross.  His love burns so great that He even gives us as our own mother His Immaculate Mother whom He himself created to be Ark of the New Covenant. It is with this mother that we can unite our pierced hearts, groaning in pain but with full knowledge of the paradise that awaits us.  Oh what a privilege it is to be united to Them!  But for now, as we mourn in our frail human spirits, we find it difficult to fathom and perhaps even accept God's perfect will.  God asks us to trust him in all things... the easy, the hard, the joyful and the painful.  And so, through the intercession of Heaven's newest Saint, may we all gain the graces from our Lord to not only accept with strong hearts and trusting souls God's holy will, but trust in the fact that we will, God willing, one day share with Saint Dominic Kouba the beatific vision he is now beholding.

Saint Dominic Kouba, pray for us!

5:00 PM Friday September 6
Mater Dei Catholic Church
2030 Texas 356
Irving, TX 75060

10:00 AM Saturday September 7
The solemn Missa de Angelis (Mass of the Angels) will be sung.
Mater Dei Catholic Church
2030 Texas 356
Irving, TX 75060