Monday, September 30, 2013

Dominic's Vocation Video

Hello faithful Dominic fans.  I have purposefully not posted anything in quite some time in honor of Saint Dominic Kouba whom my last post was written in tribute to.  I wanted him to have the top post for as long as possible and I was planning all along to wait until our Dominic's video was released.

What's that?  You didn't know he was a movie star?  Well, now you know.  Mike and I were asked to do an interview about Dominic's life to be shown at the pro-life banquet for the Diocese of Fort Worth.  We were invited to attend and his video was shown to over 700 people.  It was humbling, embarrassing, surreal, crazy and overwhelming.  We are so used to little baby D, his story and his life that we have moved past the hard emotions into everyday reality.  We don't see him as sick or different.  He's just Dominic.  It's normal now.  I realized though at the banquet what a strong impact he has on people when I looked around after the video to see people crying, grown men with tears on the cheeks, tough, weathered, aged men grabbing my arm choking back tears. I was especially moved by one particular priest who looked at me deeply and said thank you.  Dominic had preached in his silent, perfect way about the dignity of every human life... even lives like his and the people heard.

After the event was over a line formed of people waiting to see Dominic, to touch him, to talk to him.  One woman asked if she could touch his feet so I took his shoe and sock off and she savored the perfectness of his little foot, overly skinny from un-use, beginning to deform from his condition.  People were just drawn to him and we were reminded of his high calling, his vocation... which is to love.

Here is the video that was shown at the banquet.  It is 7 1/2 minutes long and there is an even longer one (the full length video) that hopefully we can post soon.  Please share it with as many people as you can- let's all help Dominic fulfill his calling, to proclaim the goodness of our Lord, through showing everyone who will listen his goodness and innate dignity.

In and for Them,


  1. I was honored to be apart of Dominic's special night. He shined with God's light. Love you little man.

  2. Powerful! Thank you for sharing. I have shared on Facebook so that others can see the love of god through dominic. GO D!

  3. What a beautiful and life affirming video! You are a truly blessed family, and have given us inspiration to our family. Bridget

  4. The video is amazing! What a blessing.
    We have not met. I'm in the SEASHS Group. Anyway - What a great life your Dominic has. He's pure joy in this video.
    I know it can not be easy. Thanks for being a great example of Grace & Fortitude.


  5. Thank you Chasity! I shared the video on Facebook. We are so blessed to know you all. Thank you for being a reminder to me to love each one of the little children God has given to this world! God Bless!