Tuesday, December 13, 2011

4 Docs in a week... Phew!

So, I had planned on writing several small updates last week giving the low down on all the doctors appts but lo and behold, I just didn't get to it.  So, last week we had 4 doctors appts... one each day.  I will give you the abridged version.

Monday we saw the urologist.  Can I just say WHO in the world wants to become a urologist?  Anyway, he has to have his testicles brought down, but if the vessels connected to them are not long enough, they will have to take them out.  That totally freaks us out so we pray, pray, pray they can just be brought down.  If they do have to take them out he obviously would need testosterone replacement his whole life.  The thing about the testicles is since he was born with them in his tummy (undescended) he has a 1 in 100 chance of getting cancer in them as an adult.  A normal male has a 1 in 3,000 chance, so we have to watch him really closely.

Tuesday we saw the Pulmonologist and everything checked out well.  Since his main problem right now is the breathing issue, she is sort of our main point of contact.  Nothing too exciting there, we are just keeping him on all the same settings.

Wednesday we saw the general surgeon.  We had to go to a new surgeon because the one who has done his two previous surgeries has left Cooks... have no idea why.  We went to talk about the problem with his rectal sphincter.  The GI doc wanted a second opinion so we went to him.  What I gathered from that appointment is he doesn't really think it is abnormal (I disagree) but he wants to repeat the test that was done a couple of weeks ago where he stimulates it with electricity to see exactly where it is.  Then he kept talking about a colostomy bag and he sort of lost me there.  He was talking about in the future if he is always going to be incontinent and have this terrible skin break down he has that a colostomy bag is something we might want to think about.  Seriously, yes, that's all we need, a bag attached to his stomach that he "goes" in.  No thanks.

And finally Thursday we went to the Retina Foundation in Dallas.  He had a test called a ERG where they put these really thick contacts on the eye then cover them with this wand that flashes red lights in the eye.  There is another electrode on the forehead that picks up any signals the brain is receiving from the retina.  This test came back normal.  The PhD that was performing it (this is in her research lab) said this test is comprable to looking at a city from an airplane.  It can see the whole city as a unit but you would not be able to see problems individual houses had.  So, in general his large scope retina is normal, but this test doesn;t tell us how much vision he has, just that the signals are getting from the retina to the brain.  What I am concerned about is what the brain is doing with the signals once it gets there.

OK, so that's out week in review.  See, aren't you glad that I didn't give you daily updates?  We only have 1 doctor appt this week, and that is today at the Pediatrician for his vaccines.  I hope you have a good rest of the week!

He is perfect

The kids helping me give him a bath last night...
We had to be VERY careful about not getting water in his stoma,
which the kids did really well at!

Sweet Mary momma-ing baby D

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  1. Dominic, you are perfect! I love that bath time is a family affair!
    Aunt Tab