Friday, December 7, 2012

p.s... I love my Momma

p.s. I have the best momma in the whole wide world.  She is faithfully here for every blend-making day giving her time, energy, and love for our sweet Dominic.  She brings the food, helps prepare, peel, chop, and cook the food, helps blend the food, cleans mason jars, oils syringes, and packages the filled jars and syringes getting them ready for the freezer, and washes dishes.  This last time I even shot her with avocado, egg yolk mixture (accidentally...) but lucky for me none got in her hair (maybe we should start wearing shower caps :).  After we're all done, we collapse on the couch, share a cup of coffee and she loves on Dominic for a while.  Having her here with me for this exhausting but vital exercise means the world to me and makes me so grateful God gave me to her.  Thanks Momma.

-Your favorite
(that's for my Cissy and Bubba who both know this is true, but just won't admit it ;)

My Momma, putting up with me and my camera
p.s.s. I was going to post this picture on my original post but decided against it after thinking she would kill me for showing this picture to the world.  But... on second thought... here it is :)

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  1. Whatever, you know I'm her favorite....