Saturday, July 6, 2013

Vent Weaning Week 1: Success!

Dominic's new favorite toy, Moosey, b/c all stuffed animal names should end with "y"
As I type this blog, my little man is sleeping in his hospital bed vent free with his Daddy watching over him.  We were admitted Monday and have gone down on our hours on the ventilator by two hours each day until we came to today when we completed his last 2 hour stretch on the vent.  We will now leave the vent off completely and see how he responds.

I have no fears about him failing this vent weaning trial because so far he has rocked it like **insert your favorite rock star here**!  He has had a few times where his oxygen levels drop but they pop right back up without intervention... which technically don't count against him.  If he keeps going like he's going, we should be going home vent free within a week!  WooHoo!

I'm exhausted, and you're probably bored so lets just cut to the chase.  Here's what you really want anyway... pictures of the cutest trach baby in the whole wide world!  :)

His speech therapist and PT would be happy... eating mashed potatoes while in the standing frame!
Kisses to Moosey... I was jealous
Aunt Wendi giving him a bath (this is the best picture I could get).  Dom's got my Granny's legs :)
Everyone loves MiMi cuddles!

 Mary Grace putting her shoes on her defenseless brother

And... more Moosey love

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  1. pure sweetness and rocking on!
    I love it!
    Thinking about you and praying for your family