Saturday, August 3, 2013

The boy who stole my heart

It's not everyday that you fall in love.  It is one of those rare occasions that can most likely be counted on your fingers... the day you realized you love the man you eventually married, the day your children were formed in your womb, the day as a child you understood the attachment to your parents is more than a need for them, but a  genuine love, the day you become protective over your siblings and realize you would die for them, the day you give yourself to our Lord.  These occasions are few and far between and mostly always leave a lasting impression on your soul, a brand of sorts that never can be removed.  Yesterday was one of these momentous days in my life.  When Mike came home from work I revealed my confession... there is someone else now residing in my heart.  A baby saint much like the baby saint I live with, sharing the same strong name and the same purpose in this world- to reveal the goodness and glory of God through a sweet, short life that can only be "useful" in revealing the dignity of every single human person created by the Almighty.  My new love's name is Dominic K.  It only took a moment for him to brand his little self into my soul forever, for me to be filled with joy and happiness, hope and sadness, and motherly protectiveness; to realize I will love him from now on.

Baby saint Dominic K.
He shares a secret residence in my soul with my own Dominic.  A special place that combines love with worry, joy with pain.  A place the Lord gives us all to hold the most fragile, our children.  It is in this place that we can encounter God, in this place that yesterday I did encounter God.  Through this baby saint Dominic the strength and power and goodness of our Lord shined through.  Through this little man who will soon have the privilege to return to his Father, that Christ shows his goodness, his faithfulness.  He reminds us that this world is fleeting.  That our reward is not here, but in the next life with Him, where we will share eternity in his divine presence, praising him forever.  My new love, just as my own Dominic, is a light in this world that can do nothing but bring our minds to heaven.  We complicated adults are so very good and muddying everything up, making life so confusing.  Our two little saint Dominic's though give us clarity.  They show us the joy that is freely given by God and remind us we are only to be faithful and we too can possess that same joy, to a small extent here on earth and to the fullest extent when this life is over.

I wonder what our D saw... he was instantly happy and looking around when he was placed near his new friend.
I was struck yesterday at the beauty of God's will in our lives.  Watching Dominic's mom care for him  and his special sister Felicity, I saw the beauty and perfection of God's plan or our lives.  Not only for those of us with special babies, but for all of us.  It is in the mundane, ordinary tasks of daily life that we can give honor and glory to God.  By doing our daily work faithfully, however difficult it is, realizing that the work placed before us is God's will for us at this instant, we can praise him.  By not wishing for a different station in life, but by embracing the conditions we've been given at this very moment, we can consecrate, make holy, the ordinary daily tasks and give it back to our Lord as a gift.  I so often fall into the trap of wishing things were different, of become frustrated with the mundane chores, the routine, and day in, day out monotony of life.  I was reminded in a powerful way yesterday that it is precisely in the ordinary that I, that all of us, are being asked to do his holy will.  It is through this work that the Lord has given us that we can love him back in a concrete, tangible way.  For us momma's of baby saints, it is through our Dominic's (and our other kidd-o's) that we can fulfill his holy will. What a supernatural blessing and honor!  The very fact that the Lord loves us (the world) so much that he gives us glimpses into eternity through the gifts of special babies like this makes my heart flutter.  It is through the perfect little ones (both babies with and without special needs) that his simple, perfect, spotless love shines through.

Sweet Momma K lovin' on Dominic K.
With his mom's blessing, here is the younger of the two baby saint Dominic's.  It is my hope that his sweet face, his perfect existence will change your heart as he did mine, will help you to look toward things eternal, to not only tolerate the mundane of daily life, but live your current station in life in a way that you can give your daily tasks back to our Lord as a gift at the end of every day.

Dominic K.'s biggest sister and Mary Grace giving him love
Dominic's biggest sister may be the next Mother Teresa... God has given her the opportunity to learn to love in a very real, mature way with her siblings.
Little saint Felicity, Dominic's middle sister
"Hey-a buddy! Give me some of that milk!"
Dominic K's momma getting cuddle time with our baby D
Sweetest boy in the whole world :)
One last cuddle walking our baby D to the car
Sweetest Felicity taking a nap
Such a sweet little girl, big sissy M.
Baby Dominic K loves sticking his little tongue out at Momma K
Happy little saint :)
"Aha, so this is what a saint looks like"
Dominic K, Dominic S, and Felicity having some floor time
Saint Dominic, pray for us!
Totus tuus!


  1. You two families are so truly blessed! If every family could see with your eyes and love with your hearts these special treasures that God has entrusted to some! What privilege and what grace! You all will always remain in my heart and prayers! Thank you for sharing

  2. Thank you for this blog, (as M, F, & D are my SWEET great nieces and nephew). My son and I are in the process of moving out of Texas, to live once again, back east. It will be enjoyable, being able to keep up with the lives of these cuddly Koubas!!!!! (=^_^=) Blessings to and through each of you1!! ~KAT-thy (Brunz) Williams - (=^_^=)