Monday, January 13, 2014

Don't cry over spilled... avocado??

As you can imagine, there are a lot of spills in our house.  Four kids combined with 3 meals and two snacks a day at home, we average a spill a day at least.  These are normally no big deal: a glass of milk here, a cup of ice water there, some soup maybe, Fun Dip (blame my mom, she bought it for them), little water puddles under Dominic's vent tubing.  Nothing note-worthy really.  With the business of homeschooling and preparing (and cleaning) up 3 meals and two snacks every single day of our lives (sigh), you might expect the kids to be the biggest culprits of messes in this family.  Well, dear reader, you guessed wrong.  I will not spill the beans as to my extreme messiness as a whole, but only give you a little insight into life with me.

Imagine if you will, 3 hours of washing, chopping, cooking, blending and jarring baby food.  My mom and I have already gone through a cup of hot coffee and another glass of iced coffee, the chatter is slowing, we're ready to be done.  And then, SMASH!  A box my mom was carrying had it's bottom fall out and the result was a big ol' fat hot mess.  There was glass mingled with Dominic's breakfast blend: avocado, oatmeal, butter, egg yolks, apples, and bananas everywhere.  On the floor, up the cabinets, on the back of our pants, in my Birkenstocks, across the kitchen floor under the dining table, on my shirt.  We stood still, silent in complete disbelief.  Should we be upset that all that work was now scattered across the floor?  Should we be mad at the dang box that broke?  We looked at each other in this decisive moment and opted to take the path of hilarity.  Loud laughter filled the room mingled with sighs and "oh man's."  My sister, who had been cuddling Dominic in the living room, peeked around the corner and saw our mess.  Lucky for her, she had only enough time to snap a few pictures before having to leave to get her girls from school.  I just stood, staring at the mess- really unsure where to begin cleaning this massive disaster. 

After all the goo covered glass shards were scooped up and the floors mopped, a slippery film remained.  We could have mopped a second or third time, but we preferred the danger of repeating the same accident and getting it all done to having to waste any more time cleaning.    After all, this is the woman from whom I learned it is better to break you leg and carry 27 grocery bags (and a baby on your hip) in at once than to take a second trip.  I am just like her in this way- ferociously, hopelessly stubborn.  Luckily though, we finished the rest of the breakfast and dinner foods without further incident, taking special care to walk flat footed across the slimy parts of the floor as to prevent any further spillage.  The floor remained nasty for 2 more days (lest you think me super-mom or something) until finally last night I scrubbed the remainder of dried breakfast blend from most every surface in my kitchen.  Our main objective after all, upon completion of this labor intensive work that is Dom's food prep, is to collapse on the couch for a few blissful moments of uninterrupted sighing and coffee drinking.  A perfect reward for a job well done. 

Here's to you Dominic- I hope you enjoy the rest of your breakfast food that actually made it into the jars and in the freezer.  You may be a mess, but you're worth it!

In and For Them,

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