Saturday, July 21, 2012

Houston, we have a problem...

...And we're hoping you can help us out.  See, we have this sweet little man named Dominic that seems to be a medical marvel, or is it medical mystery?  The docs up here in ol' Fort Worth don't seem to know what in the world is going on within his cranium, so we're coming to you, hoping you can help.  An answer would be nice, or even a hint to an answer, or if you can't do that, maybe you can just say you've seen this before and it's no big deal.  Brains shrink all the time, after all.  And please, dear Doc south of us, take your time.  I've spent many hours preparing for this trip, was nice to people who didn't deserve it (I'm working on that) getting all his records in a timely fashion, and am fully prepared with a medical history typed out for you (Neurotic?  Nah, I say organized).  Please appreciate the insane amount of effort it takes to travel with our little man.  Do you realize how much medical equipment we're bringing with us?  We'll be transforming the Holiday Inn into a mobile ICU room, so just in case your ER fills up feel free to come on over.  In fact, we have so much equipment, we are trading cars with a sweet girl that calls you home, a Houston transplant that tolerates North Texas, cause she loves a boy who loves it here.  Well, maybe she loves it here too, but not as much as you, don't worry.  That sweet girl has the mother of all cars... a suburban.  Still, it'll be tight, but we can do it for 5 hours, you're not that far.

We're a little optimistic up here, though we are realist too.  We fully expect to be going to Boston soon when you say you have no idea, but we sure would be grateful if you could spare us that expense.  We're looking on the bright side of this trip and bringing along all 4 of the kidlettes.  That's right, 4.  Don't worry, they are very well behaved in doctor's offices and I promise they won't lick the neurologist (though I can not vouch for the examination table... it's on it's own).  Please don't be alarmed if one of them is upside down when the doc comes in, it happens.  Just be grateful if they are fully dressed and moderately quiet.  That's right, we're that family.   But after that, we're blowing off the Children's hospital and heading out on the town.  We're going to see what your great city has to offer, a mini-vacation if you will.

Be good to us Dear Houston, because you see I have this blog, and late at night I have a hard time controlling what comes from these fingers.  I sure would like to sing your praises as the great city that has the world's most amazing doctor that has an answer.  Not for our own sake, but for the sake of a little boy named Dominic.  The world deserves to have him as long as it can, he brings so much light.

We'll be seeing you in T-2 days.

In Them,
his mom

 His Sissy sure does love him...
...And most of the time he loves her :/
But what he really loves is riding in PawPaw's Big Red Truck


  1. Chasity as always my prayers are with you and the family. I admire your courage and your sense of humor. I pray for answers in Houston and I pray for peace for your family.
    Love all of you,
    Aunt Edye

  2. Chasity, I will continue to pray you get the answers you need and that the doctors that come your way are helpful and willing to dive right in!