Tuesday, July 17, 2012

A year in pictures

It's hard to believe our little Saint Dominic is 1 year old now!  This has been both the longest and shortest year of our lives, but most importantly, this has been a year of learning, trusting, surrendering, accepting, and loving.   In his short life Baby Dominic has taught us so much: what it means to live, to be a person, to have worth, to suffer, to be joyful.  We have been destroyed, raised up, learned to fight, found our voice.  There have been times of utter dismay, brokenness, defeat but they are always followed by the graces needed to get back up and journey on.  We have learned foremost to not put off what is important.  We don't wait to do what God is calling us to.  We do it now, as best we're able, because our future is unknown.  Dominic has turned our lives upside down, and that's a good thing.  He is a soldier, winning souls, preaching without words.  How we ever deserved him is a mystery, but one we are so thankful came into being. 

 Immediately after birth, before we knew anything was wrong. 
This is the look any mother knows, a mix of joy and relief after a hard labor.
After a few seconds the midwife took Dominic from me and started bagging him.  The NICU team ran in and assessed him.  This is where the nurse started calling out his dysmorphic features, I knew.
Our first time to really see Dominic.  This is not disappointment,
this is me knowing our life has changed.  Mike later told me at this point he did not
know anything was wrong.  He just thought he had a hard time breathing at first.
 He was stabilized and brought to the NICU for a 1 hour observation.
That 1 hour turned into 5 weeks. 
Dominic after a couple weeks in the NICU, intubated after surgery
 Finally extubated with just a "whif" of oxygen, close to going home!
 Mary meeting her baby Bubba up close for the first time
(excect for his baptism when he was 2 days old)
 Home lasted 1 weeks, then back in the hospital. 
He's having a sleep study here, pre-trach
After he woke up with his trach.  We were in the PICU
for several weeks, well two, but it felt longer! 
 Up in the teaching unit, Mike, my mom, and myself learned how to care for Dominic.
We were admitted for a total of 10 weeks this time.
 Meanwhile at home, the other kids needed love too!  Our families and friends helped us so much
during this time, the kids were no worse for the wear.
 Dominicin his new wheels... and our first walk out in the hall!
 Our first walk around the unit as a family, oh happy day!
 Discharge day!  The friars helped us out and witnessed the
awkwardness that was getting him loaded for the first time.
 His very first car ride!  We weren't nervous...
We were petrified!  Everyone else was driving SO fast!
 Our first walk to my sisters house,
accompanied by my brother and niece Leah.
 Enjoying being home, ahhhhhh.
 Our very first dinner as a family, thanks to my mom's
yummy cooking!  As you can see here, Mike fell off
his rocker somewhere during this time and shaved his head.
I thought he looked handsome ;)
 MiMi learning the ropes of giving g-button feedings while I was driving.
I laughed so hard I almost crashed!  She on the other hand was not too
excited about being covered in my breast milk!  :)
 Baby Bubba getting some love
 Our weeks were filled with doctors appointments and tests
 Dominic holding his great Granny"s hand
 It's a tradition that every grandchild puts an ornament on MiMi and PawPaw's tree.
 What every momma loves, cuddling with her babies.
 ... And what every Daddy loves, sleeping with his baby...
 Brief admission for sickness... back to the PICU.
 Dominic being held by his Great Granny for the last time.  She passed away days after this.
This day brought her so much happiness before she went.  We miss you Granny.
 Dominic's first time in the back yard... crazy driver!
  In his bouncy seat
 So handsome with his old man hat on :)  Looks like PawPaw
 This year he made some best friends... the friars.  Admissions have their perks after all.
This was a sick admission, 7 days.
 His very first Easter!
 The right of every Daddy.  And just so you know, Mike doesn't always sleep,
it's just the the sleeping pictures are my favorite.
 This pretty much sums up our year... ICU hospital room with Mike drinking coffee :)
 Nana with a g-button feeding blow out... she smelled like broccoli... so funny!
 Lots of therapy.  Here is Dominic with his OT learning to play with toys.
 And more appointments.  Here is Dominic getting fitted for foot braces.
 This last admission, Dominic was trying to escape!
 And oh happy day, vent free!
 Mimi showing him outside during her first time to walk with him vent free
 And my favorite thing to do with babies... sink baths!  Here is Dominic's first one after his
big boy haircut.  Notice the delicious rolls :)
 And we're mobile!  Mike is looking tough rockin
out the sling in Hobby Lobby!
 Poor Dominic has a very good, but very relentless PT!
Notice his scowl... he was screaming at her!
And after his very first birthday party, wore out!
(the birthday party pictures will be posted soon)

So there you go, a year in pictures.  Looking through all these brings back so many memories.  It seems so long ago.  Here's to many more years with our little guy.  We want to thank all those who have supported us in the many ways we have been supported this past year: physically, spiritually, monetarily, babysitting-ly (he, he).  It is through you that we have been able to do what needed to be done, and not only survive, but thrive. 

In Them,
Dominic's mom

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  1. A year...... A year filled with ups and downs, understanding, excitment and dissapointment, acceptance, learning, surrending, many (many)sleepless nights, crying, hugging, laughing, loving, smiling. Little D has touched and changed so many lives. I know he has mine.
    A year of loving thanking God for his wonderful blessing of Dominic.