Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Dominic's Super-Hero

What kid doesn't want to be a super-hero?  Or better yet, have a dad who is a real life super-hero?  My kids hit the dad jack-pot with Mike.  He is fun, gentle but stern, can just as easily read to them, pray with them, or wrestle with them.  He is the world's best double-bouncer on the trampoline and can build a fort like no-bodies business.  He roasts perfect marshmallows, teaches firearms in our home school (with BB guns:), and is the king of scrambled eggs.  He changes trachs, changes diapers,and kisses boo-boo's, all before breakfast!  He is a super-husband, and a super-dad, and the kids got to see first hand his awesomeness at this year's state-wideTexas SWAT competition. 

Getting ready for the shooting to begin, Mary is plugging her ears 

 Dominic, being the white boy that he is, is NOT fond of the sun.  Really, it's because he doesn't see much but can see light, so the brightness of the sun is like torture to him.  I raised the shade just to get a picture, don't worry, he wasn't so miserable all day :)
 Sniper course
 I love this... little Mary admirring her big, tough Daddy
 Lucky for all the SWAT officers, I brought along Batman and Superman, just incase there was a "situation."
 Cool Dom, chillin in his shades
 So proud to have a Daddy like this!
 Mike just after an event.  Phew... he sure is cute :)
 Extra water for little man... boy was it hot out there!

The team obstacle course event... awesome.
 If you look at the bottom of this picture, you can see the top of someones hat, gives you an idea of how tall this obstacle is.

Mary, giving her Daddy some love
The tacticle family (well, at least Mike)... especially Officer Jacob there (see the helment, on backwards and all :).

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  1. Aw, how awesome. So cool the kids get to see their Daddy in action. Wholesome family fun, love it!!