Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Preach it Bubby!

Our little preacher without words is now a preacher with words!  This week he received a Passey Muir valve, or speaking valve, that allows him to make noise much easier than before.  It allows air to enter into his trach but only lets air escape from his nose and mouth, passing through his vocal cords and making the most wonderful little squeaks and squeals you've ever heard.  The first couple of times he wore it he was unimpressed, but later that night he was wiggling and smiling in sheer delight at these wondrous new noises he was creating.

At every little sound the world stops, at least our world does.  And I'm beginning to think he's becoming quite a little ham because we've caught him fake crying more than once just to hear his own voice.  I say to him "Oh Dominic, is that real?" and he stops and gives me one of those big grins, two front teeth sticking out, that is sure to melt even the most hardened man's heart.

It is tough work for him though and he will often protest when it's on too long.  Sad as it may be, it is so good to hear his voice, it's hard to sympathize with his cry out of the sheer sweetness it provides.  Here's a little video for y'all to share in this delightfulness.

In Them,

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