Monday, November 21, 2011

Cuddle Day

Yesterday was an extra special day.  We didn't have a nurse during the day so I had to stay home with Dominic all day.  But since Mike was at work, and Dominic isn't allowed to go to church yet, my parents picked up the other kids for mass.  After mass they took the kids to lunch then they played at my sisters house for the rest of the day.  What does that mean for me??  A day by myself with Dominic!  We cuddled, watched a show on Netflix on the big screen (our 17" computer) ;), and took a nap together.  I drug Mary Grace's mattress into his room and we got to lie down together and snooze for the first time since he went back into the hospital (when he was 5 weeks old).  If there is one thing that boy does well, it's cuddle.  His round little body and chubby little legs just curled up and fit perfectly next to me.  We slept a good hour and a half.  Bliss.

Then in the evening, my mom came over (after doing my groceries- thanks mom!) and helped me clean up the house (did I mention she is awesome?).  She is now an Eucharistic Minister so she also brought me communion... the best gift she could give me.  Then last night our good friends, the Franciscian Friars, came over to visit.  Thanks to Mrs. Gilley we had a wonderful dinner and as always, a good visit.  All in all, a good day.

So today starts our marathon of doctors appointments for the week.  Today we go see the plastic surgeon for his submucous cleft palate and for his little bottom (the sphincter doesn't close like it should).  I am excited to have this particular surgeon on his case though because I have worked with him a few times with burn kids at the hospital and I have always been so impressed with him.  As far as his bottom goes, because his little rectum doesn't close as tight as it should, he has constant stooling that has led to breakdown of his skin.  His butt looks terrible and we have tried every diaper cream there is, including a few prescriptions.  Well, yesterday I decided to try cloth diapers as a last ditch effort and guess what, they are working like magic!  His butt of course in not totally healed up but it looks a TON better!  This cracks me up because with every kid this has been a debate between Mike and I.  I always want to do cloth diapers, he doesn't.  So finally, after 4 kids, I get to try them.  Really I don't know why I'm excited... all it means is more laundry.  It is cool though that it has helped his little bottom so much!

Well, lots to do today!  I will let you know how the visit with the plastic surgeon goes.  I'm wondering if we'll be in the waiting room with Southlake moms coming in for a "touch up" ha! (I say Southlake moms b/c his office is in Southlake... no other reason... honestly... ;). 

I am just trying to continue to trust in God's plan.  This is a spot where I am struggling a little bit right now.  It seems that since he has been home, this has been harder.  Please continue to keep us in your prayers.

In Him,
A birdseye view of how we were lying down together...

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  1. thank goodness for more about that baby boy : )
    loved seeing y'all recently. wish i was there now. thanks for writing!!!