Sunday, November 27, 2011

His First Mass!

Last night was a milestone in our family.  It was the very first time we, as a family, did something out of the house!  It took about 30-45 minutes to get everything and all of the kids ready, but finally we squished into the van, loaded all the equipment up and voila, we were off!  An adult has to be next to Dominic at all times in the car in case there is an emergency so the older three kids were all packed like sardines in the very back seat of the van.  We realized we're going to need to spring for some smaller car seats!  Where did we go for our very first family outing you ask??  To mass of course!

Our very dear friends, the Franciscian Friars of the Renewal, invited us over for mass and dinner.  Now, we are not able to bring Dominic to a regular church because he can't be around all of the people in an enclosed space, so he has never been to mass before.  Since there were only three extra people (the friars) in the chapel, it was no big deal to bring him there.  So, not only was it our very first trip out of the house together, it was WAY awesome to be at mass together as a family!  And to top the awesomeness off, it was the first day of the new translation of the mass AND the first day of Advent (Sunday starts the Saturday evening before in The Church).  Triple Awesomeness!!!  Ah, the new translation is so beautiful... so respectful and adoring of our Lord.  And the chanting... ahhh, perfect.  I may have thought  I was in heaven if I wasn't snapping at Anthony to stop sliding around the floor, telling Mary Grace she couldn't take her shoes off during mass, and listening to little Dominic breathe like Darth Vader (Jake was sitting next to Mike, which is why he escaped my wrath).  ;)

It was just amazing to have him there, in front of the alter, there as Father Pio Maria raised the chalice and paten, there as we received the body of our Lord.  There as we praised our God and entered into the mystery of the mass.  Ahhhh.  All is right now.

Then after the mass we all sat down to a dinner, which is always such fun with the friars.  We ate, talked, laughed, then after dinner Father Pio Maria assumed his spot and cuddled Big D for quite some time.  Brother Timothy became a human tug boat, taking turns pulling the kids around in a cardboard box, or by his cincture (the rope around his waist), while Brother Stephen slaved over the dishes in the kitchen... I think he got the short end of the deal ;).

All in all, we could not have asked for a better night.  We are so grateful God has placed these wonderful men in our lives.  They enrich and lift us up in ways they will never know.  Just another little way God has prepared this path for us.

Brother Timothy tugging the kids around

Mary thoroughly enjoying herself!

Brother Timothy TOTALLY wiped out after doing that for about 30 mins!

The Father Pio, Heavy D Gang sign... solidarity!

Father Pio Maria loving on our little man.  Dom just loves being serenaded by him!


  1. Chasity,

    I went to college with Fr. Pio (before he was Fr. Pio, of course). What a wonderful man! We are praying for Dominic and for your family. Thanks for letting us share in your journey.

    God bless,
    Darcy Smith (CLAA)

  2. Dear Chasity,

    Thank you for posting. As a mother to 1 special needs child and soon to be 2, I think it is good for everyone to see and hear about the struggles of a real family that is striving towards holiness and has a very difficult cross to carry. All to often we are left in more isolation than one would think. I try to remember your family in my prayers as often as I can. I am glad to hear that you are trying to venture out. I remember the first time I took Josh to Walmart with his tubage (and that was only an NG and PICC line). It took me forever to get Josh, his twin and the 2 year old out of the house. So I think you guys were doing great with your time:). I don't think things get easier but as a mom with a special needs child, you become so versatile in dealing with the challenges that one day you wake up and realize most things aren't so hard anymore. Don't think to the future, it becomes overwhelming. Just stick to today and preparing for tomorrow...

    Holly (balletmom from CLAA)

  3. I am so happy little D got to go to Mass. Thank you to the Friars for being so wonderful and loving to my sister and her family.