Monday, February 27, 2012

Our little soldier of God

Depending on where you stand on the subject, the word "pro-life" means many different things.  For me, before my current life, it was a narrow definition.  It meant people standing in front of an abortion mill praying, trying desperately to save the lives of the unborn and help the mothers in trouble.  It meant voting for candidates who would protect the life of ALL citizens. It meant respecting the inate dignity of all persons, from conception to natural death.  It was the people behind the scenes at the crisis pregnancy centers, loving the moms that come in, helping them through the pregnancy and after with material needs and emotional support.  While it still means all those things for me, it is so much more now.

The birth of Dominic has brought another view of pro-life to the fore-front for me and others who are close to us.  I am faced with the reality that in some people eyes, my son is not worthy of life.  He is not the "perfect child."  He definately is not the "designer baby" spoken of so much in the news.  This is evident by the simple fact that only 10% of babies with Down Syndrome make it to birth... the rest are slaughtered in their mothers womb.  Heck, children with Down Syndrome can do SO MUCH!  They are not reliant on technology to live, and very often they can do many skills leading to a job in their life... they can be "productive."  If they are not deemed worthy of life, Dominic would surely be a throw-away baby in the eyes of those who think this way.  He will not be a "productive" member of society who pays taxes and keeps the economy growing.  And realistically he is a "drain" on the insurance system since his care has so much cost.

His job in life though, I truely believe, is to bring the gospel to others... those who will not go hear it in church or read it in the Bible.  Those who are broken, defeated, calloused.  Those who might confess that killing babies like him in the womb is compassionate and just.  He is so very alive.  He is a living testament of God's mercy and goodness.  What a privledge he has.  What a big job God has given him.  For as long as I can remember I have asked for God to make me His hands and feet, to transform me into whatever he wills so that I can bring Him the most glory.  It is not me, but through me, that He is answering my prayers.  My job is to care for this sweet child of God, to keep him well so that he can do God's work.  His very presence reveals to people God's face.  It makes them ponder those hard questions in life... "why?"  And hopefully it tills their hearts so that God can sow a seed of love in them.  This was made evident this weekend when I took him in public.  People stopped what they were doing and stared.  I did not feel bad, or self-conscious, but rather allowed them to look by keeping my gaze down and keeping myself small.  Perhaps it is through Dominic that they might see God's face.
Such a happy little man with his Father Pio Maria


  1. I absolutely love this post ! Give him sweet kisses for me :) i miss him ! Candice

  2. It was such a blessing for me to meet you and your family the other night! I would just love to snuggle precious Dominic.
    All of your posts are remarkable, and this one hits home with me especially. Thank you. A priest told us David's vocation is "Love", and that is perfect.