Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Yeah for Real Food!

We have started Dominic on real food... well, jarred baby food, but real all the same.  This may seem like no big deal to all you momma's out there, but to a momma with a kid who's dependent on a g-button for all of his nutrition, this is almost unheard of.  Like I have said before, the doctors and dieticians like for these kids to stay on formula their whole lives because it is easy to administer through the g-button and they can calculate exactly the nutrition they are getting in a 24 hour period, and quite frankly, it's so easy a monkey could do it (administering it). They underestimate the parents of special needs children, who mostly would do anything, regardless of the difficulty, if it would benefit their child (speaking of the time consuming task of measuring, cooking, blending, and storing real food).

I have heard countless mothers say their child completely changed when they started getting real food.  Duh.  I'll try not to get started on the whole "real people deserve real food" thing... but let me just say this one thing: feeding a child who will never be a "productive" part of society real food rather than formula their whole lives affirms their inate goodness as a child of God and their dignity as a human person.  You are saying that this person, despite their handicapp's, deserves the very best care.  I not only say "despite his handicapp's," but more completely because of his handicapps that it is so important that I help people see his true value in this world.  People are not expendable, and should not be treated as such.  Heck, even dogs get food that has some resemblance of real food (though processed). Whooooo, I'm getting hot about this, I better stop.... As for Dominic, he's a real boy so he'll eat real food (however it gets in!).

Our Vita Mix is on it's way (douple yippee!!!!!) so until the day I can concauct all sorts of wonderful things, we are starting with jarred stage 1 baby food.  So far he has had green beans and squash through the g-button (10 mls 3 x day) and even some by mouth (he passed his swallow study, it's just all coordination now).  Here are some pictures of his very first green beans via g-button!

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