Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Dom's new tubes

Dominic had a very ordinary kid kind of thing done yesterday... he got ear tubes.  It's kind of nice to have a normal surgery.  Hmmm, that sounds bad.  What I mean is everyone knows what ear tubes are so there is no explaining to do when you tell people about that.  There, did that sound better? 

After the ear tubes, which is a simple surgery but always complicated because of putting him under anesthesia with all of his co-mobilities, he had a follow up hearing test.  And the results are... drum roll... he will fit in with the old guys playing chess outside barber shops, sporting his hearing aides.  (Not that I've ever seen this, but I'm sure it happens lots in far off romantic places like Venice...).  His results are almost exactly the same.  Mild hearing loss in low pitches, moderate hearing loss in middle pitches, and severe hearing loss in high pitches.  So, all you ladies that squeal about how cute he is when you see him... save your breath, he can't hear you.  Instead, you will have to adopt a manly tone and call him "sport" and "champ" followed by a little under cut to the chin.  Turns out he can't hear things like vacuum cleaners, making my job easier if in fact I vacuumed more.  Hmmm, maybe I should take advantage of that before he gets his aides in.

So, I have been calling for 2 days trying to get an appointment for the hearing aide fitting session without success.  Luckily, I have the e-mail and phone number for the therapy manager.  And director.  And hospital president.  Tomorrow I will get it done... for sure.

And another highlight of my life: a new NON-leaking g-button!  He had his old one (that has been broken for weeks now) replaced with a different brand.  If it were possible to be in love with silicone I would say I love this thing.  Heck, I'll just say it, I love this thing.  He has had NO leaks from around the button, or out of the button since yesterday.  This is a huge deal.  With the old button we constantly had wetness we were combating because it would lead to sores.  Last weekend I hear a shrill shriek in the back seat from our alarmed nurse because he was having a mini-volcano after she fed him.  Crappy button = wet shirt, pants, diaper, car seat, sores, suckiness.  I get so excited every time I feed him through this new one.  I love it, love it, love it.  (For you med moms out there, it's a AMT Mini One balloon, lower profile than the Mic Key).

So, here's to hoping there are "tactical" looking hearing aides (to make his Daddy happy).  In a few short months he will get his glasses, and maybe in a year or so a walker (depending on how the therapy goes)... that's gonna be a cute day.  I can guarantee I will find him some suspenders for that day with a little old man shirt.  My little old man, how I love him. 

In Jesus and Mary,

Despite having surgery earlier in the day, he was a "happy little friar"
with the new friar in town, Brother Seamus
(I made these beards for the big boys so they could play Friar :)

Rolly is the new skinny (the old button... Boooo!)


  1. I just love to read about sweet Dominic! He brightens my day and he is just precious!

  2. Chas, Thanks so much for the updates. I love hearing about him and seeing his progress. He is such a sweetie and what a little cuddler. I also admire your strong faith. Love you all

  3. Yes, Rolly is the new skinny.... thanks for having my back little Dominic on this one!! Nana sure loves you and I think you are going to be extra cute with your earring aids, glasses, and walkers. Love you more than words.