Saturday, March 10, 2012

Another success

The other night we brought the whole family to St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Church for mass and benediction.  We have been to the Cathedral down town but that is the only church we have ventured out to.  The folks at daily mass at the Cathedral have gotten used to Dominic for the most part and while we still get some looks most people just smile sweetly at him.    This was the first time the people at this other church have seen him so we got lots of looks.  Most shocked, some smiles, one lady even did a complete double take and stopped in her tracks (lol!).  We had a couple of people walk up and want to talk with us, and we finally met a family that I've "known" on the internet (through the homeschool group) for quite a while.  They also have a special needs child and it was beautiful to finally meet him.  The looks and double takes don't bother me though, it's to be expected... it's not often you see a baby as sweet as baby Dominic ;).

I have to say I was so impressed with the youth that were there.  I had almost every door opened for me (and I had alot of coming and going with diaper changes, feeding, going to the car...).  These young men would literally run to beat me to the door to open it.  Never have I had that happen!  It was so refreshing to see, little gentlemen in the making.

But that's not the best part of the night.  We got to go to mass said by Father Juan Diego.  He said an awesome holmily, which I missed the punch line of because I was in the bathroom with the kids.  I was trying so hard to listen through the muted speakers in the bathroom and just before he said the punch line a toilet flushed... I had to laugh... the plight of a mother.

After mass we had the opportunity to touch the humeral veil that was surrounding the monstrance which was holding the consecrated host, the body of Jesus.  Each person got to kneel and touch the veil for a moment, realizing the true presence of our Lord.  Fr. Pio draped the veil over Dominic and I prayed for healing, if that was God's will.  All the other children touched it while Mike and I held them up in prayer.  It was so beautiful.  A moment to completely abandon ourselves to Jesus, basking in humility of being so close to Him.

It was another successful night of being out as a family (despite forgetting the back up battery for the vent... good thing the church had outlets!).  A triumph, proving to ourselves that we really can handle this new life.  I am so thankful for the opportunity to allow Dominic to do his work, of showing others the face of God, and hopefully of being a witness to the goodnes of life with all our little kiddlets.

In Jesus and Mary,

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  1. How absolutely beautiful!! Blessed be God! Love ya, Megan