Thursday, January 12, 2012


So yesterday we went to the least important specialist ever... the dermatologist.  I say the least important because when you're dealing with keeping someone alive, a little eczema is the last thing on your radar.  But now, since he is medically stable, the eczema has become a bigger deal because it makes him so uncomfortable.  To demonstrate how much this has not been on our minds these past few months, we had no idea how long he had been having the eczema when the doctor asked. 

For the past few months I have been on a milk-free, soy-free diet because we thought that maybe these foods were causing his diarrhea and spitting up.  About a month or so ago I also went off of wheat, thinking this may be the culprit for the eczema.  But alas, nothing helped any of his symptoms so two days ago I went back to a regular diet.  And since I did, absolutely nothing has gotten worse... it is exactly the same.  I have lost so much weight eating a milk, soy, wheat-free diet (because all I could eat was meat and veggies) that my milk production was starting to dwindle.  So now I'm back eating regular foods and drinking good whole milk, in hopes that it can counter-act some of the calories I'm burning with pumping.  And boy, is it good!

So anyway, back to the dermatologist... he was the fastest doctor ever and after about 15 minutes of being in the building we were on our way out with a prescription for lotion for the eczema.  After dropping the script off at the pharmacy we received a call from a pharmacy tech saying "just wanted to let you know how much this prescription is before we filled it."  AFTER our discount card the doctor gave us the total was $469.  No, I did not type that wrong... four hundred and sixty nine dollars... AFTER the discount!  The price before the discount was $500.  For a bottle of lotion.  One bottle.  One.  Hmmm, maybe this sort of stuff is the reason for our outrageous healthcare costs!!!  Anyway, after giving her Dom's insurance information, our part came out to $0, which I liked the sound of better. 

Today we are going to see the surgeon who is performing the test on the rectal muscles during his cleft palate surgery next week.  We are going to try to talk him into doing the testicle surgery (to bring them down) at the same time.  Lets hope, hope, hope he will.  I hate the idea of Dominic having to have two anesthesia's and two recoveries.  I'll let you know how it goes.  Until then, be assured I will be enjoying my extra large glasses of milk.  And for you guys who say whole milk is too fattening, to that I say "what's the point of doing something if you don't do it all the way!"  This is the same reason I would NEVER drink a diet Coke... If you're gonna drink Coke, drink the good kind.  :)

In Jesus and Mary,

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  1. That is one thing i remembered about you was the amount of milk you drank. Your mom would comment about how much milk you would drink a day. When i worked in the medical field i liked even loved parents like you. I hated (i know that is such a strong word to use) the ones that would just stand and say nothing.